How Does WooCommerce Request for Quote Functionality Work

How Does WooCommerce Request for Quote Functionality Work

Back in the days, B2B companies relied on interpersonal interactions and developing relationships with buyers for their sales to roll off. But things have changed now and buyers prefer convenience over interpersonal relationships. 

Studies have shown that 94% buyers start their purchasing process with online researches while 71% said they wanted to complete the purchase online and only talk to a sales rep when there was a need. 

So, with buyers demanding a no-rep buying experience from you, it’s time to look at your website and ask yourself: Is your website acting as a business card or a sales-rep? 

Turn Your Online Catalogue into A Sales Rep with RFQ Feature 

Quotation requests before placing orders are typical in B2B scenarios. Most B2B companies even gate their pricing for the general public and only offer quotes when requested by a buyer. 

A request for quote functionality on your eCommerce platform digitizes these buyer-seller interactions and makes it easy and convenient for the buyer to negotiate and communicate with each other without the need to exchange emails or calls. 

Turn Your Online Catalogue into A Sales Rep with RFQ Feature

Enter B2B eCommerce Plugin – A WooCommerce Request for Quote Extension

B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce is a complete wholesale suite that adds B2B specific features on WooCommerce stores so you can start selling wholesale and deliver a frictionless B2B buying experience. 

One of the main features of B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce extension is the Request for Quote feature, which adds powerful functionality that converts carts to quotes and quotes to carts to streamline the buying process. 

Here is how the Request for Quote functionality works when this plugin is installed. 

Add a Request for Quote Button 

When you install the plugin, you get the option to enable a Request for Quote button on individual products, categories, or global level. You have the option to display the RFQ button alongside the Add to Cart button or only display one of them by disabling the other one. 

Add a Request for Quote Button

The Buyer Sends a Quote Request

The buyer hits the RFQ button to send a quote request to you. The buyer can add multiple products to RFQs. When done, the buyer clicks on the View RFQ link to go to his quotation page where he can update the quantity required and his asking price. The buyer can also leave notes to the seller about any customizations needed. 

The Seller Can View and Approve Quote Requests 

You, as the seller, get your own Quotation dashboard where you can view all your RFQs and get the option to approve, reject, or edit. You can put in your notes to send to the buyer, which eliminates the need to send emails separately. All communication related to the quote can be done in one place. 

When Approved, The Quote is Converted into Order

If the quotation offered is accepted by the buyer, the plugin converts the quote to cart and takes the buyer to the cart page where he can complete the purchase. 

Email Triggers Streamline Communication 

Email triggers make sure that none of the parties miss notifications about quote requests and updates regarding it. 

To wrap it up…

By adding a request for quote functionality on your WooCommerce B2B store, you can allow buyers to start a dialogue before adding the products to the cart. With B2BWoo’s WooCommerce B2B solution, you can remove friction from B2B sales processes and deliver a seamless digital experience to your buyers.

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