How to Create a WooCommerce B2B Store for $99

Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce B2B Stores

It’s been almost a decade since experts started warning us about the changing landscape in B2B. After listening to those voices for so long, we know the truth: if we don’t smarten up and digitize our business now, we may even go out of business in the next few years. 

But embracing the truth doesn’t make it any easier to embrace the change. 

It’s not even about changing the mindset of the organization – there are so many different factors that create friction in our efforts to bring on the digital transformation. 

One of those friction points is budget. Most experts say that you need at least $100,000 for a successful implementation of B2B eCommerce. While that is true for many large organizations, how to get a head start and catalyze your digital transformation if you don’t have such a big budget? 

What if you are a small to medium-sized business that wants to leverage the opportunities present in B2B eCommerce? Should you wait to scale up to a big enterprise level to be able to shell that much money into digitizing your operations? 

With a comprehensive B2B solution for WooCommerce, getting started with eCommerce has become just as easy as it is with B2C. 

In this post, we’ll show you how you can create a WooCommerce B2B store and deliver a smooth and frictionless, self-service experience to your buyers – on a budget!

Step 1: Buy a Good Hosting Plan and Install WordPress and WooCommerce

The first step is to create a WordPress site and install the WooCommerce plugin. If you already have a WooCommerce store, you can go to the next step and see how you can add wholesale to your existing WooCommerce store. 

But if you’re just stepping into eCommerce, make sure you get a good and reliable hosting plan. Managed hosting services like Liquid Web, and WP-Engine are recommended for easy maintenance and security. 

Make sure you follow all best practices during the installation to keep your site protected from hackers. See our post on WordPress security

Also see this post on how to create a WordPress site from scratch

Once you’ve set up WordPress, the next step is to install the WooCommerce plugin to add eCommerce functionality to your site. 

WooCommerce is very simple and easy to set up. Upon installation, the plugin walks you through the basic settings and configurations for easy setup. 

Step 2: Add Product Data to Create an Online Catalogue

Your eCommerce channel will require a lot of advanced features. But to fire it all up, you first need to create an online catalog with detailed product data. 

It may sound simple but it’s actually one of the most important and often the most challenging steps in your digital transformation. In B2B, your catalog is just as complicated as your sales processes and your buyers’ needs. 

There isn’t just the large quantity of products that most B2B companies deal in – they also have several variations for each of their products. Then, there are products that require customizations from the buyer as well. 

To kick off your digital transformation, the first step is to gather your product data. SKUs and product names aren’t enough to create an intuitive catalog – you need detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, meta descriptions, and also downloadables if needed. 

Once your catalog is ready, you can gear up your store with other B2B specific features to cater to the unique needs of your B2B buyers. 

Step 3: Get the B2BWoo Plugin Bundle For WooCommerce B2B Stores

A successful B2B implementation requires a deep analysis of your customers’ needs and your own business processes. 

A challenging aspect of B2B eCommerce is that every business is different and has different needs. A tech agency selling services and products to other businesses will have completely different commerce processes than a manufacturer that sells customized tees to retailers. Even two businesses in the same industry vertical aren’t the same – say, a T-shirt manufacturer that sells custom-graphic tees as opposed to another that sells their own designs. 

And then, even all buyers are different in one B2B company. One of your buyers might require different products every month while the other may need to order the same products every month. One of your buyers might order on 30 days credit terms while the other one might prefer 90 days credit. 

And so, you need a comprehensive B2B eCommerce solution that takes into account all the different B2B scenarios so you can be flexible and cater to all those unique needs of your buyers. 

That’s where the B2BWoo plugin bundle comes in. 

It’s the most complete B2B solution for WooCommerce, comprising 6 power plugins that have been designed specifically keeping all those B2B needs in mind. 

The B2BWoo plugin bundle includes the following powerhouses: 

  1. B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce
  2. Catalog Visibility for WooCommerce 
  3. Roles and Permissions for WooCommerce 
  4. Product Tables for WooCommerce
  5. Quick Order for WooCommerce 
  6. Wholesale Product Page Customizer

Here are all the things you can possibly do with the B2BWoo Plugin Bundle for WooCommerce: 

Add Request for Quote Feature

Add a powerful quotation engine that allows your buyers to seamlessly receive quotes online, view quote requests and convert quotes to orders. Both you and your buyers get a dedicated Quotations dashboard to streamline the quoting process. 

Offer Customer-specific Pricing to Buyers 

For buyers that have already negotiated the price with you, you can activate customer-specific pricing to display the pre-negotiated price. 

Gate Pricing for Non-Logged in Users

It’s common for B2B companies to hide their prices for the general public. With price gating, you can hide it from non-logged in audience. 

Recruit Customers with a Sign-up Form

Add a sign-up form on your site where buyers can sign up and create an account upon approval. 

Add Custom Payment Terms for Customers

With an option to add custom payment terms for different customers/users in your store, you can accommodate the different payment method requirements of buyers. 

Offer Account Management Features to Buyers

In B2B, your buyers are often part of a company with their own unique buying process and workflows. To deliver a seamless experience, you need to accommodate those unique needs of companies that buy from you and offer them account management features that allow them to add multiple users per account, add user roles, and assign permissions to create their own workflows. Buyers can even share carts with their team members and expedite the order approval process. 

Set Credit Limits for Companies 

If your buyers purchase on credit, the feature to set a credit limit for companies may come handy for you. You can set credit limit, view credit logs, and replenish their credit when used up. Even your buyers get the option to see their credit status. 

Display Tailored Product Catalogues

Today’s B2B buyers want a personalized experience. If you’re selling a thousand products but the buyer visiting your store is only interested in 10 of those products, you can enable catalog visibility features to create a tailored catalog for him to cut down clutter and show the relevant products only. 

Add B2B Specific Features on Product Pages

Features like downloadable PDFs and variation tables are useful for complex product catalogues. 

Display Products in Table Format for Easy Buying Experience

Return buyers can benefit from a product table where they can easily search for products they need and add them to cart instead of visiting separate product pages one by one. 

Add a Quick Order Form

A quick order form is especially useful for buyers who order the same products every month. With CSV upload, buyers can pretty much automate their buying process. 

The B2BWoo Plugin Bundle is the most comprehensive and all-inclusive B2B solution for WooCommerce. It was designed specifically to help small and medium-sized B2B companies dive all in the eCommerce water instead of just dipping their toes in. 

Available at a limited-time discounted value of $99!

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