Interview With Tiffany Vilela

Interview With Tiffany Vilela

B2B eCommerce is a trillion-dollar industry seeing no signs of stopping. To get started on the right track, you need proper planning and foresight.

To kickstart 2021 on the right track, we at B2BWoo interviewed Tiffany Vilela, B2B marketer at Neonlinks on everything B2B eCommerce.

So, let’s begin.

Jibran: How do modern B2B companies implement corporate hierarchies within their B2B store?

Tiffany: Digital growth is the main key for any B2B company and implement corporate hierarchies within B2B stores is highly important because it will reflect on your impact. For me the corporate hierarchies are the motor of any B2B company. There are different ways to organize it but, in my opinion, the effective one is to organize the company by tactics – the old-school method. The team is divided by roles, talent and interests: project manager, social media specialist, website designer, outreach specialist/email marketing and also an in-house IT guy, usually the one who takes care of CRM.

Jibran: What does going digital mean for manufacturer or a distributor business?

Tiffany: B2B business can highly benefit from going digital. The digital revolution is actually happening and making part of it is crucial nowadays. It gives a new direction to business so this step should be made asap, not think too much but act fast. Just think about ‘when and how’ and not ‘what if’.

Jibran: Build or buy? Which B2B eCommerce model is more effective in the long run?

Tiffany: In my opinion build is more effective because even buying can make you profit, its risky. I would always prefer build and make profit in long term – even though it takes more effort from you, it tastes differently because it came from zero, you build it with your team.

Jibran: In what ways can B2B eCommerce change in the coming years?

Tiffany: I’m sure B2B eCommerce will change in the coming years but for the better. eCommerce will have a huge growth and people will be more aware of this topic, invest more and build more. What’s the new normal form eCommerce? I’m sure that keeping up with the trends is the key – we live in a world of tendencies.

Jibran: To what extent is the product display effective in engaging an ecommerce audience?

Tiffany: Use colours! People love colours and short catchy phrases. Giveaways and free staff are also a plus. Engage with the audience is crucial.

Jibran: How can modern B2B companies compete in the complex digital landscape prevalent today?

Tiffany: B2B should not compete with the complex digital landscape prevalent today, they should ally with them, learn with and build your own digital presence.

Jibran: How much are mobile B2B and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) influencing the B2B eCommerce industry?

Tiffany: If AlliExpress is using it I have no doubt that it is a good influence to eCommerce industry. I’m sure it is an effective method to B2B companies because It’s handy, fresh and engageable. PWA is one of the growing mobile technology tendencies and since people are with their phones every single second it is the perfect trick to use for B2B eCommerce.

Jibran: How does a self-service experience differ from a regular B2B eCommerce experience?

Tiffany: Finding the adequate balance between a self-service experience and a B2B eCommerce experience is hard. Nowadays people are getting lazy and being able to just click and wait for it at your door is easier than stand up, dress up, walk and buy it in person. The laziness is gaining space and the actual Covid situation is directly helping B2B companies. Even though self-service experiences are better because you can actual see the quality of the product, people tend to forget that that exists and are simply worried if the phone or laptop have sufficient battery to finish their online shopping from the comfort of their homes.


You’ve reached the end of this interview. We hope it provided you with valuable insights related to the B2B eCommerce industry and how you can get started with your B2B project this year.

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