Shopify Competitors for B2B – Five Best Alternatives

B2b shopify comeptitors

B2B eCommerce is a trillion-dollar industry offering significant profit margins for individuals looking to get in the eCommerce game. 

If you’re looking to get started with B2B eCommerce, you need a powerful solution at your disposal. One such solution is Shopify Plus. 

But what if you wanted something else? There are plenty of reasons why you might need an alternative to Shopify Plus. In the case of wholesale, your budget and business needs might prompt you to select another platform.

This article is a short guide to a few Shopify competitors for B2B. With this list, you can select the best platforms that are giving Shopify plus serious competition.

So, let’s begin. 

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus

Built specifically for high level enterprise brands looking to scale up, Shopify Plus provides high end business (not primarily B2B) with a variety of different options. 

The core features of the platform include: 


Similar to the actual Shopify store, you can customize the way our eCommerce store looks and behaves. Being a closed source solution, however, there is a limit to how much you can customize. 

Business Process Automation

Seeing as how it’s meant to optimize business processes; Shopify allows you to automate just about any eCommerce process. 

Multi-channel and Omni Channel Support

Besides the improved omnichannel support, Shopify Plus allows you to create multiple channels for your eCommerce store. For example, you can sell directly at a marketplace or on a social media channel, or direct the users to your website. 

Serious Traffic and Scalability 

These go hand in hand with one another. Shopify Plus allows you to handle serious amounts of traffic coming to your store. If you’re a large-scale enterprise, then having Shopify plus can prove extremely beneficial in handling complex orders. 

Global Expansion

Shopify Plus comes equipped with a variety of different language options. You can create an ecommerce store that changes languages based on the location. If you’re looking to expand your operations to an international scale, then this can prove very beneficial. 

Built for Wholesale

B2B wholesale operations are rather complex. To get ahead of the competition, you need a solution that’s exclusively built for wholesale operations. Shopify plus is your best choice in this regard. It gives you significant leverage in terms of getting more business to your store. 


BigCommerce Shopify competitor

The closest competitor to Shopify in general, BigCommerce is an eCommerce solution that facilitates not only B2C stores but also B2B as well, thereby challenging Shopify Plus as well. 

Essentially speaking, it’s a Shopify competitor for B2B that can help you get started with wholesale B2B operations easily .

Let’s look at some of the core features of this platform:


This Shopify Plus competitor allows you to customize your eCommerce store according to the vision of your brand. It has a variety of different pre-built site templates that you can customize. 

SEO And Marketing Tools

BigCommerce comes with a variety of marketing and search engine optimization tools. These tools allow you to get search engine visibility and an option to get more business for your store. 

Shipping and Payment Options

BigCommerce provides you significant benefits in terms of providing shipping options and payment gateway support. Not only does it allow you to offer a variety of shipping option settings, but also provides you support in terms of payment gateway solution support. 

B2B Ecommerce Solution

Big eCommerce comes pre-equipped with a powerful B2B eCommerce Solution that allows you to create and manage a wholesale B2B experience with relative ease. With the scaling options that it provides, the Shopify competitor allows you to expand your B2B operations as well. 

Customer Support

BigCommerce is heavy on customer support: providing you with a variety of different options to inform customers and solve their issues as much as possible. 

Point of Sale Solution 

BigCommerce provides its users with an efficient point of sales system, allowing them to complete the time to purchase. 


B2BWoo - Shopify competitor

A complete B2B eCommerce solution for WooCommerce, B2BWoo is a Shopify competitor for B2B that provides you with just about everything needed to create a B2B eCommerce store. 

With B2BWoo, you get the following features: 

Order Management Controls

When it comes to B2B, product management is very important. You can manage your store at a deeper level with B2BWoo’s product functionalities. 

Catalog Management 

With the help of B2BWoo, you can tailor the user experience significantly for your store. You can manage your catalog and show/hide products depending on the user’s preference. 

Wholesale Pricing and Quick Ordering 

With B2BWoo, you can customize your wholesale prices depending on different metrics. Also, you can improve the conversion rates for your store with the help of quick ordering features provided by the platform. 

Quote Request Features and Corporate Hierarchy

With B2BWoo, you can turn the Add to Cart button to a Request for Quote button, thereby allowing your customers to request concessions on the pricing of a particular product. On top of that you can also manage your B2B hierarchies more effectively as well. 

Integration Friendly 

B2BWoo allows you to integrate a variety of different eCommerce integrations which include Microsoft dynamic, SAP and QuickBooks. With them, you can easily integrate any ERP, CRM, and other backend system to your store. 

SAP Commerce

SAP commerce for B2B

One of the oldest ERP companies out there, SAP eCommerce provides you with the opportunity to create an eCommerce store with one of the most efficient sales CRMs in the world. Being a market leader in digital commerce software, SAP Ecommerce provides its users with the following benefits: 


Being a family member of the most efficient ERP/CRM platform, SAP eCommerce’s main benefit is that it integrates with your existing backed systems with relative ease. 

Realignment of Your Ecommerce Processes

This is a reiteration of the previous points I’ve discussed in this article but it is no less important. SAP, being the veteran that it is, provides you with an eCommerce solution that streamlines your entire eCommerce processes.

Complete Omnichannel CMS 

SAP eCommerce cloud is well equipped to allow you to set up a complete eCommerce suite of your business. Besides that, its CRM functionalities are easy to use, making the eCommerce management experience a lot better.  

Seller and User Account Management Functionalities 

Being made for B2B functionalities, SAP allows you to create an account management experience for different purchasing parties on the store. 


Being a prime eCommerce platform, it provides both B2B and B2C users with the ability to use self-service functionalities. This allows customers to check out quickly and efficiently. 

Search Functionality    

The primary benefit of using SAP eCommerce cloud is its search functionality allowing you to create an efficient search function that provides your users with the ability to search and filter products on your store. 


Magento commerce for B2B

Another veteran in the digital eCommerce platform game, Magento is an enterprise level B2B competitor to Shopify Plus . The primary benefit to this is that it allows you to improve the performance of your eCommerce store. 

Making Company Accounts Accessible

The primary benefit to using Magneto is its account management functionalities. Not only does it allow you to manage your own account but also the companies that come to your store. Business users on your store can manage their accounts, and set up hierarchies of users within your store. 

Quick Orders with Multiple SKU Numbers

With Magento, you have the ability to provide quick order functionality to your users. This enables users to navigate and order products from your website directly from the website. 

Customized Quotes to Win More Sales

Magento has a request for quote functionality which makes it easier for customers to request concessions from customers based on the pricing of a particular product. This allows you to provide bargains on particular order value to the customer. 

Better Strategies with Magento Business Intelligence

Another benefit of using Magento is its business intelligence features. With it’s clever reporting features, you can get real time data that helps you make smart business decisions. With Magento, you don’t need any external analytics system since Magento deals with a great deal of the analytics for you.  

Payment Options

Being one of the most popular B2B eCommerce platforms out there, Magento has extensive support for a variety of different payment platforms. This includes support for platforms like PayPal, Stripe, Square, and more. With Magento, you don’t have to worry about payment since it takes care of everything for you. 

Smart Inventory Management

For eCommerce purposes, Magneto provides smart inventory management features which allow you to take care of all your warehouse operations with ease. By “Smart”, we mean that it utilized modern smart technologies to deliver an inventory management experience that’s highly useful. 

Shopify Plus’ B2B Competitors – Final Words

It’s a short guide, we gave you a run-down on the primary features of Shopify plus and four of its closest competitors. While it’s not an extensive list, it’s enough to get you started on your search for the best B2B Shopify competitor.

We hope you liked this article!  

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