The Right Tools To Create Successful Social Media Videos That Convert For eCommerce

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People depend on social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to interact with friends, to watch videos, to buy online, and more. Every day, everyone’s social media usage becomes more connected to the internet. 

Additionally, these platforms are great tools for eCommerce businesses. You can now use video marketing tactics to generate consumers from your social media following. You can use a video creator to produce captivating videos that drive more traffic, lead generation, customer engagement, and profitability.

Significance of video marketing in eCommerce industry

Video Marketing

In 2020, 2 billion individuals will be online purchasers, which implies almost one-fourth of the world’s population will be making purchases on the internet. And the bulk of these customers study the products online before buying them. Here are some mind-boggling figures: 

  • Two billion people utilise the YouTube platform, according to YouTube.
  • Every day, 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are consumed.
  • 72% of customers would rather learn about products and services via video.
  • Around 80% of video marketers report that video has boosted their sales, whereas 84% of customers report purchasing products or services as a result of watching a video.

These statistics confirm that social media platforms are vital to your company’s growth. Marketing is successful when your communications reach the correct destination, at the proper time, and via the appropriate means. 

Because your clients spend time online today, it’s important to connect with them via social media. In order to compete, you must be where your clients and potential consumers are using social media on a regular basis.

Because contemporary technology has enabled things to be done much more quickly, individuals are now experiencing ever shorter attention spans. 

People do not enjoy reading lengthy blog posts with no accompanying images. In other words, an imprecise image can’t convey adequate information. For this reason, people tend to prefer seeing product reviews, how-tos, live demos, seminars, and the like over internet videos. 

This is to be expected, as videos not only provide the most essential information while spending the fewest amount of time. More senses are utilised in an audio-visual manner with this, which ensures better understanding for viewers.

In the future, more and more video material will be popular, as moving messages continue to prove to be more interesting and intriguing. In addition, viewers have a deeper understanding of them. 

As an eCommerce company, it is now time for you to use a video maker to produce amazing videos that delight your customers.

Market your brand through video on social media

When it comes to social media, there are two effective video marketing methods.

First, video marketing is a recognised marketing technique employed by marketing professionals that seek to engage their target audience by generating and curating a variety of video content. 

Your brand is kept engaged through amusing and instructive videos that your target audience loves to watch from start to end. As video material is very straightforward and easy to consume, it is effective. One exceptional marketing document combines the force of words, the wonder of visuals, and the melody of music.

The second factor is social media marketing. It implies you use multiple social media channels to interact with your target audience. It’s little surprise that marketers feel you should place a heavy emphasis on social media since everyone uses their preferred sites many times daily. 

Employing a video producer to create impressive social media masterpieces will help you improve your brand’s reach.

Make sure to remember that video engagement is higher than text-based engagement. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn more about your product or if you just want to enjoy your films, people will stay on a website to watch your movies as long as you keep making videos that hold their attention. 

Social media video marketing is required to take advantage of the recent surge in social media applications and videos.

You can use the following social media platforms to market your video content:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook 
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
Market your Brand

If you have several social profiles, you have good fortune in that you can use several sorts of videos for each profile. Creating a video can showcase how you started the firm, give an overview of your product, demonstrate how-to methods, showcase advertisements, and much more. 

Using a video creator requires that you find out the specs and restrictions of each platform, which will help you to produce videos that are optimised for each device.

Need of social media video marketing strategy

You will soon see that your most tenacious competitors have already integrated social media. They rely on amazing video material to grab a difficult-to-reach market. The company that wants to maintain their position in the market must develop a social video media plan for their eCommerce operations.

 When you think about why you should use social media videos for your brand, the following reasons top the list.

Gain your customers trust

To gain trust, utilise videos to showcase your brand. Trust is essential for every enterprise. If buyers believe they can trust your brand, they will only buy your stuff. 

Video content is an important tool for clients to have since it increases your reputation, establishes your authority, and strengthens interactions with them. In this medium, people can be open and honest, which promotes trust. 

Check out how you can strengthen your brand’s trust in your videos:

  • Show them what’s happening in your company
  • How your employees are working
  • Tell them about your happy customers
  • Conduct how-to guides and product reviews
  • Introduce them to your company’s staff

Turn leads into loyal consumers

This is why video is the best resource for turning leads into loyal customers. Videos that are well-crafted can grab the attention of potential customers and provide a fantastic first impression. A good hook must be followed with excellent content that keeps your audience engaged and interested in your message.

Your customers can learn about your items through videos, as well as learn about the production process through videos. They are more likely to buy your products or services if they can identify the people behind your brand. Because videos are the fastest way to absorb new knowledge, they ensure that your target market will be interested in your content. 

As a result, videos are more engaging than articles. Instead of just telling people what you mean, you can demonstrate them. Your clients will be more likely to connect with your brand as a consequence. Without social media video marketing, your business is missing out on a great opportunity to develop.

Effective medium of communication

Video is the most effective medium for social media since it generates the most interaction. Individuals are more likely to watch a video than they are to read an article or look at a photo album. At the moment, social media users are more likely to give video content their likes, comments, and shares.

Medium of communication

Additionally, individuals access their social media pages throughout the day. And they rapidly react to every intriguing piece they come across, as the numerous platforms make it possible for anybody to share their thoughts. 

Thus, it’s unsurprising that videos have such a powerful impact on viewers. If you want to generate leads and turn them into devoted customers, you need to start producing incredible social media videos.

Types of videos

Videos have dominated the social media landscape because they are more visually attractive than image or text content. As a consequence, you’ll need captivating videos to encourage your viewers. 

This ensures that your eCommerce business receives significant awareness, either via increased visitors to your website or more purchases. Now, the critical question is what type of video material do you need to share on social media? Consider the following top five video formats to use into your marketing strategy:

  • About us videos
  • Product close-up video
  • Product overview
  • Messages from the CEO and company founder

Effective tools to create videos for social media marketing

Social media videos provide several advantages for eCommerce companies. To take your store’s reputation to the next level, you need to develop incredibly engaging videos that convert for eCommerce. When it comes to making eCommerce videos, it is critical to employ the best tools available to get the greatest outcomes. 

The following are the appropriate tools for creating effective social media videos that drive eCommerce conversions:


For a novice, generating and optimising eCommerce videos for social media can be a difficult process. Don’t worry, InVideo makes it simple to create social media videos that sell.

This tool’s Video Ads feature has several video ad templates. If you like a template, you can preview it by clicking it. If you like the preview and wish to use it, click on the tab Use this template.’ You can then alter it using the InVideo editor.

It is usually best to start with the thumbnail. The templates can then include more videos. This eCommerce video tool has a million photographs and videos in its database. Or you can post your own.

Using InVideo, you must upload unique and easy  videos that emphasise your products/services’ characteristics and benefits.


It’s challenging to make a flawless video commercial on your first try. Thus, many eCommerce business owners are constantly creating new video advertising. 

Before creating the finest ad text, you must consider CTA locations, ad copy, and video duration. It is a lengthy and complicated procedure for many.


Madgicx makes this procedure simple for beginners. This AI-powered social media automation tool creates advertisements that convert quickly. This tool can help you optimise your ad effectively. If you give Madgicx KPIs, target demographics, and ad goals, it will execute them perfectly.

Madgicx thoroughly examines your ad account before showing your ad and conversion stats. These facts help you find the most successful advertising and methods for maximum conversions.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a fantastic tool for creating eCommerce videos on Facebook. It’s a powerful live-streaming solution that can help you generate revenue via eCommerce. In one word, Facebook Live is a tool for real-time engagement.

Facebook live

According to the 2014 Global State of Inbound Marketing research, Facebook is the most used social media network in the world. You can expect a good conversion rate if you continue to produce compelling eCommerce videos on this platform. 

Your followers will receive alerts when you go live on Facebook. Taking your eCommerce store’s online reputation to the next level, Facebook Live broadcasts can help you do that. It is possible to make your films more lively by using innovative tools such as filters.

Adobe Spark

You can use the Adobe Spark program to turn your ideas into visual narrative. It carries out a broad variety of activities, including image selection, text input, and design filter application, to help you create stunning eCommerce videos. You can use this movie creation tool to make videos with eye-catching visuals.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark enables you to create eye-catching eCommerce films by merging pictures, symbols, and videos. With the Text Overlay function, you can apply exactly the kind of impact you desire. 

You can select from a variety of free soundtracks to fit your needs. In addition, your own music and voice can be added in, or you can employ your personal music. You can decide on the video’s visual style and theme that matches the video’s atmosphere and message.

YouTube live streaming and editor

It is easier to produce fresh eCommerce videos with a YouTube video editor. This software makes it easy to edit videos and to upload them to YouTube. The nice thing about it is that it allows you to include all your uploads in the video editor instantly. 

The YouTube Editor is available on the YouTube Creator dashboard. This program is ideal for customising videos, combining multiple films, and adding music from the YouTube collection.

YouTube live streaming

To maintain a high consumer interaction rate, many eCommerce business owners create YouTube channels of their own. It is a simple process to get your own YouTube channel up and running. You can do live streaming in three distinct methods when you create a channel.

This option provides a quick and easy way to distribute content: Stream Now. The service comes with a feature that allows you to automatically start and stop the broadcast based on your own preferences and needs. There are also other options available, such as the Events feature, which provides more precise management. 

You can begin and stop your streaming whenever you choose as well. The third alternative, the YouTube app, allows you to broadcast from your mobile device. This programme saves an archive of your mobile live stream to your channel once your live stream stops.


One of the simplest methods for creating new eCommerce films is through the use of a YouTube video editor. This application helps you edit videos and then upload them to YouTube. It’s the finest part about this software because it enables you to add all uploaded files to the video editor automatically. 

The YouTube Editor is available on the YouTube Creator dashboard. While there are several ways to edit, mix, and add music to your films, this tool makes them simple.

For eCommerce business owners, maintaining a high consumer engagement rate means creating and maintaining YouTube accounts. YouTube channels are easy to create. Live streaming can be done in three distinct ways when you have a channel.

If you want to send your material, try sending it using Stream Now. With this application, you can set up a continuous streaming service that you control exactly as you see fit. There are also a few additional options available, including the Events option, which enables better management. 

This feature is ideal for setting up continuous streaming for new broadcasts, or terminating your existing broadcasts after you have finished. The third alternative, the YouTube app allows you to stream video on your mobile device. Use this tool to save an archive of your mobile live stream to your channel.

If you’re a WooCommerce B2B store owner and want to enhance your productivity, then B2BWoo is the best option for you. It’s a one-stop-shop for your every WooCommerce B2B eCommerce solutions.

A writer by profession, Maria Ilyas is an eCommerce and digital marketing enthusiast and is always digging into the latest marketing trends, best practices, and growth strategies.