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Looking to upgrade your WooCommerce store for the B2B market? Explore our list of the top B2B plugins for WooCommerce in 2024, perfect for enhancing your store’s functionality, streamlining operations, and skyrocketing sales.

Adding wholesale and B2B functionality to your WooCommerce store results in revenue growth while cutting down on support and shipping costs.

Today, we present the leading solutions for facilitating quote requests, wholesale user roles, and other businesstobusiness functionalities. These WooCommerce B2B plugins encompass a range of options, including free, paid, and freemium offerings.

Scroll down to learn about these plugins to determine which one will enhance your ability to cater to bulk buyers effectively.

Why B2B Plugins are Essential for Woocommerce Store

When it comes to running a B2B operation on WooCommerce, the right plugins can make all the difference. They’re the secret sauce that can transform a basic online store into a powerful sales machine, tailored for the complex needs of business-to-business transactions. From streamlining bulk orders to providing customized pricing tiers, the right set of tools can elevate your e-commerce platform, ensuring it meets the specific needs of your B2B customers.

Well, WooCommerce is a fantastic platform for building online stores, but out of the box, it’s primarily designed for business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions. B2B transactions have different needs, and B2B plugins bridge that gap by adding functionalities crucial for smooth wholesale operations. Here’s why B2B plugins are essential for your WooCommerce store if you target business customers:

  • Tailored Pricing Structures

B2B transactions often involve tiered pricing, discounts based on order quantity, and custom pricing for specific customers. B2B plugins allow you to set up these complex pricing structures efficiently, ensuring you offer competitive prices to your wholesale buyers.

  • Streamlined Account Management

Businesses typically have multiple users placing orders or managing accounts. B2B plugins enable you to create dedicated B2B customer accounts with specific user roles and permissions. This improves order management and provides a secure buying experience for your B2B customers.

  • Enhanced Product Management

B2B transactions may involve bulk ordering, product customization, or requiring additional information during the buying process. B2B plugins offer features like bulk editing, custom product fields, and minimum order quantities, making product management for B2B sales a breeze.

  • Efficient Order Processing

B2B quotes, request for quote (RFQ) functionalities, and streamlined order workflows are crucial aspects of B2B sales. B2B plugins allow your customers to request quotes, negotiate prices, and place orders efficiently, saving you and your clients valuable time.

  • Improved Customer Experience

B2B buyers expect a smooth and efficient buying experience. B2B plugins provide features like account management, dedicated dashboards, and potentially built-in communication channels, fostering a positive customer experience for your B2B clients.

  • Multiple Storefronts

Some B2B plugins allow you to create dedicated storefronts for different customer segments. This enables you to showcase targeted product catalogs, pricing structures, and branding for each category of B2B customer, improving the overall buying experience.

  • Automated Order Placement

B2B transactions often involve repeat orders or standing orders. B2B plugins can automate order placement for these scenarios, saving your B2B customers time and ensuring they receive their products consistently. This can be achieved through features like reorder functionality or customer purchase agreements.

  • Customizable Registration Forms

B2B customer registration requires capturing specific information relevant to businesses, such as company tax IDs, contact details for different departments, or preferred payment methods. B2B plugins empower you to create customized registration forms that gather the necessary details from your B2B customers during account creation.

The Ultimate List of Top WooCommerce B2B Plugins for 2024

1. B2BWoo ‚Äď The Comprehensive B2B Solution for WooCommerce

B2BWoo stands out as a comprehensive solution designed specifically for WooCommerce stores looking to dive deep into the B2B domain. It offers a suite of powerful features, including tiered pricing, bulk purchasing options, and the ability to manage complex B2B relationships. B2BWoo also provides enhanced registration processes for business users, making it easier to capture relevant information and customize the shopping experience based on user roles. Its robust set of tools ensures that you can cater to the varied demands of B2B commerce, from streamlined ordering systems to exclusive pricing strategies, making it the top choice for businesses aiming to excel in the B2B marketplace.

B2BWoo by Codup, is a premium plugin that transforms WooCommerce into a full-fledged B2B eCommerce platform. It leverages the core functionality of WooCommerce while adding features specifically tailored for B2B businesses.

Here are some key features of B2BWoo:

  • Corporate Account Management: Create and manage dedicated B2B customer accounts with specific user roles and permissions.
  • Complex Pricing Rules: Define intricate pricing structures with features like tiered pricing, price gating, role-based and quantity-based discounts, and more.
  • Catalog Management: Streamline product information management with features like bulk editing, custom fields, and advanced filtering.
  • Quote Management: Enable customers to request quotes for specific products or entire orders, facilitating negotiation and customization.
  • Request for Quote (RFQ) with Built-In Messaging: Facilitate seamless communication and negotiation between B2B buyers and sellers through an integrated messaging system within the RFQ process.

2.    WooCommerce B2B

WooCommerce B2B is a comprehensive plugin that supercharges your store with essential B2B features. This plugin is a powerhouse for any WooCommerce store looking to dive into or expand its B2B operations. It seamlessly transforms your e-commerce site into a fully-fledged B2B platform.

This plugin is sold on Envato Market and requires only a one-time payment for unlimited updates, making it a top choice for setting up new wholesale stores without recurring charges.

WooCommerce B2B offers features like:

  • Tiered pricing rules
  • Enable or disable payment methods for different groups
  • Support for VAT and Tax exemption
  • Flexible visibility settings for pages or categories
  • User roles and Quick order forms
  • Request a quote functionality and notifications via WordPress SMTP Mail

3.   B2BKing

B2BKing is another solid option for starters. It offers both a free opensource version and a one-time purchase license available on Codecanyon.

In its free version, users can create unlimited registration roles such as Manufacturer, Reseller, Distributor, and others. It provides control over available shipping and payment methods for each B2B group, as well as for B2C users and logged-out users.

B2BKing takes the complexity out of B2B transactions with its outclass B2B features that are designed to handle the intricacies of B2B sales effortlessly. Whether you’re dealing with wholesale, distribution, or manufacturing, B2BKing simplifies operations and enhances your B2B sales strategy.

B2BKing is a popular choice for its wide range of features, including:

  • Wholesale order forms
  • Catalog mode
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Multiple buyers per account
  • Custom billing fields

4.  Whols

The Whols WooCommerce wholesale plugin is a good option for businesses that need a simple and affordable solution for managing wholesale prices. It facilitates store owners with a strong tool for setting wholesale prices for their entire product range. Wholesalers may easily gain special pricing with this plugin by simply filling out a quick registration form. Store owners can also easily manage their wholesale pricing and enhance their wholesale business operations with this plugin.

The Whols plugin also facilitates store owners to easily review and approve wholesaler requests instantaneously and smoothly. It is therefore the ideal solution for anyone trying to maximize their revenue from selling in large quantities while also streamlining the process simultaneously.

Whols offers many features such as:

  • Set up wholesale pricing for both simple and variable products
  • Approve or reject wholesale customer applications
  • Streamlined registration procedure
  • Free shipping options for wholesalers
  • Customers can request wholesale membership
  • Option to exclude General Products from Wholesaler Accessibility
  • Ability to hide wholesale prices from guest users
  • Capability to assign a wholesale role for existing customers
  • Manage minimum order quantities

5.  WholesaleX

WholesaleX is the ultimate B2B WooCommerce plugin, designed to elevate your sales potential and pricing strategy effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface and dynamic pricing capabilities, WholesaleX is the preferred choice for businesses seeking simplicity and effectiveness.

You can establish personalized pricing rules tailored to your needs, whether based on

products, categories, attributes, or user roles. This flexibility enables you to create customized pricing and discount structures for different user roles, enhancing customer satisfaction.

WholesaleX offers an array of features essential for a successful B2B WooCommerce store, including:

  • Create custom discounts and pricing rules with the Dynamic Rules System
  • Customize registration and login forms with form builder
  • Create and manage user roles and permissions
  • 1-click private store and more visibility control
  • Simplify bulk purchases with Bulk Order Addon
  • Better price negotiation with Request A Quote
  • Converse easily using the Conversation Addon
  • WholesaleX wallet for easy in-store purchases

6.  B2B and Wholesale Suite

B2B and Wholesale Suite for WooCommerce is another premium plugin from WebWizards offering an array of advanced B2B features. Whether you’re aiming for a fully wholesale setup or a hybrid store catering to both B2C and B2B customers, this plugin has you covered.

With the flexibility to choose between a fully wholesale model or a hybrid approach, you can effectively target both B2C and B2B customers, maximizing your sales potential.

It has a user-friendly Settings tab that provides straightforward options for configuring your store. You can easily adjust product and price visibility settings for guest users, implement login requirements, and enable quote requests to streamline the buying process.

B2B and Wholesale Suite offer notable features like:

  • Customizable quote request forms
  • Product visibility control by Product, Category, User, and Group
  • Business Registration with manual or automatic approval
  • Tax exemptions and VAT Number validation

7.  B2B for WooCommerce

B2B for woocommerce plugin is a valuable asset, whether you’re running an established B2B wholesale website or just starting. It provides essential functions for running a seamless wholesale operation, catering to the unique needs of each customer.

With this plugin, you can easily integrate a “Request for Quote” feature on your website, allowing for custom pricing based on various factors such as payment terms, product customizations, and quantity. This ensures a tailored experience for users, enhancing their satisfaction.

It’s optimized for performance and doesn’t weigh down your site, ensuring smooth operation. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with popular translation plugins like Loco Translate.

Moreover, the plugin is highly compatible with other plugins and receives regular updates. Best of all, it doesn’t require any coding experience, as it comes fully documented and user-friendly.

B2B for Woocommerce offers several key features, including:

  • Customize prices based on various factors
  • Integrate a “Request for Quote” feature
  • Offer volume and custom pricing discounts
  • Prioritize rules in case of conflicts
  • Restrict website access for non-signed-in users
  • Provide custom payment options for individual customers
  • Set maximum and minimum order quantities and values
  • Enable shipping and tax exemptions
  • Hide prices for specific products and categories

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The question “Which WooCommerce B2B plugin is the best?” is never easy to answer.

 But, our brief guide allows you to explore free solutions or trial versions by visiting their sites like and others before making a decision. You can test their features and decide whether to continue with the free option or upgrade later.

That concludes our list of the best B2B plugins for WooCommerce The right B2B plugin for your WooCommerce store can dramatically transform your online business, making it more efficient, customer-friendly, and profitable.

Remember, the digital landscape is always evolving, and staying ahead of the curve requires not just the right tools but also a willingness to adapt and innovate. With these WooCommerce B2B plugins, you’re well on your way to creating a robust, dynamic B2B eCommerce platform that stands out from the crowd.

If you want to optimize your own B2B Woocommerce website, then connect with B2BWoo, the most complete WooCommerce B2B solution for getting started with B2B eCommerce easily, affordable, and quickly. So book your demo now!

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