Complex Pricing Rules

Pricing in a wholesale business depends on many factors – customer terms, bulk quantity, and even market trends. B2BWoo offers features that will simplify your complex pricing structures and deliver a straight-forward experience to your customers.

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quote management visual

Quote Management

Quotation inquiries form an integral process of B2B eCommerce. B2BWoo implements quote technology that streamlines the sales process and improves operational efficiency.

Catalog Management

Before the rise of B2B eCommerce, buyers would call your sales department to obtain product information. Self-serviced online stores now make it easy for your prospects and clients to get crucial information anytime they want. B2BWoo’s catalog management features will let you deliver a personalized online experience to your high value customers.

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Corporate Account Management

B2BWoo ensures a frictionless buying experience by aligning your eCommerce system with the way your customers do business. With powerful account management features, you can let your buyers build custom workflows to support buying teams, multiple branches and offices.


It takes a lot of moving pieces to truly deliver a positive experience to your business buyers. But with the right tools and enterprise applications like ERP, CRM and OMS, you can not only do that but also increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

B2BWoo integrates seamlessly with any technology stack your business uses using APIs and off-the-shelf connectors that allow you to establish a single source of truth, avoid data redundancy, and leverage customer data across systems.

Add B2B eCommerce Features to WooCommerce

Leverage the simplicity and flexibility of WooCommerce to sell to your B2B buyers without investing a fortune in tech