Streamline Your B2B Operations with Comprehensive Company Management Features

Empower your business buyers with an unparalleled level of control and convenience. B2BWoo's robust Company Management module brings an era of frictionless, self-service B2B buying right at your fingertips. Let's explore the remarkable functionalities that make this possible.

A Dashboard Designed for B2B eCommerce

With B2BWoo, your customers gain access to an intuitive account dashboard, equipped with advanced role and account management features. This means they can establish complex organizational hierarchies effortlessly, all within their accounts.

Create Company Accounts with Ease

Go beyond individual transactions. Create dedicated company accounts, complete with customized dashboards offering varied features and capabilities to each account within the corporate umbrella.
B2b eCommerce Company account management

Credit Management, Simplified

Set credit limits for each company, allowing for real-time tracking of credit consumption. Companies can also view their credit status directly from their dashboard, adding an extra layer of financial transparency.

Customized User Roles

Your customers can add users to their account and assign them roles based on their position within the organization. With B2BWoo, hierarchical role management has never been simpler.
B2b eCommerce Company account management

Fine-Grained Permission Controls

Company owners aren't just adding users; they're designating permissions. With B2BWoo, it's easy to set buying permissions, purchase price limits, order quantity restrictions, checkout restrictions and even category access for different team members.

Streamlined Cart Sharing and Approvals

Close deals faster with cart sharing among team members. Users can share their cart contents for approval before finalizing a purchase. What's more, approvals are expedited through email notifications, allowing for immediate approval without even leaving the inbox.
B2b eCommerce Company account management

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