Personalize B2B Shopping Experience with Personalized Product Catalogs

Deliver a personalized shopping experience to your B2B buyers with custom catalogs and displaying only products that are relevant to the customers.

Serve Personalized Product Catalogs to Your B2B Buyers to Create a Relevant Experience

B2BWoo allows you to create custom catalogs that can be tailored to your customers ’ experience by displaying the products relevant to them.

Create Catalog Visibility Rules

B2BWoo gives you complete control over the content you display to your customers. It enables you to create rules for product availability based on the following attributes.

– Individual Customers
– Geo Location
– Purchasing Amount tiers
– User Roles
– Customer Groups

B2b ecommerce product catalog
B2b ecommerce product catalog

Hide Prices for Non-Logged-In Users

Prompt your customers to log in and take advantage of a personalized experience you create for them. You can hide the prices of products or categories you want only registered users to see.

Create Custom User Roles and Customer Groups

The built-in user role module in B2BWoo enables you to create personalized user roles and customer groups giving you the flexibility to assign these custom roles and groups to individual customers. By doing so, you gain the ability to present tailored content and offerings to specific user segments
B2b ecommerce product catalog
B2b ecommerce product catalog

Set priorities for Conflicting Conditions

B2BWoo lets you control how your catalog is displayed by setting priorities for different rules. These priorities range from one to five and by assigning these priorities, you can make sure that conflicting conditions in the rules do not cause any confusion or unexpected results for your customers.

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