Optimize Product Search and Discovery

Provide your B2B buyers with a streamlined and user-friendly shopping experience, all on a single page. With Product Tables, buyers can simply search, filter, compare, view details, and load their carts - all from a single page.

One-Page Shopping, Zero Hassle

Juggling multiple SKUs? Offer your buyers a shopping experience that lets them search, compare, and purchase— all on a single, user-friendly page.

Tailored Product Tables

Different product lines require different approaches. Use our easy-to-use shortcode generator to create multiple, customized product tables for each of your unique product categories.
B2b ecommerce Quick product discovery
B2b ecommerce Quick product discovery

Instant Product Discovery

Navigate through your product offerings with our smart filtering options. Whether it's by category, price, or even specific attributes, find what you need in a snap.

Customize Your Data Display

You know what's important to your buyers. Choose to showcase images, pricing, and even product reviews, or keep it minimalist. You have complete control over what information to display.
B2b ecommerce Quick product discovery
B2b eCommerce Quick order discovery

Quick Cart Actions for Busy Buyers

In B2B, we know every click counts. Enable buyers to select multiple products and add them to the cart in one swift action.

Display All Product Variations

Offering products with different specs? Make life easier for your buyers by displaying all variations through a simple dropdown menu.
B2b eCommerce Quick order discovery
B2b eCommerce Quick order discovery

Bulk Quote Requests, Simplified

Bulk buying? Get bulk quotes. With our ‘Request for Quote’ feature, your buyers can effortlessly inquire about pricing for multiple products at once.

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