Speed Up Bulk Orders with Quick Order Form

Empower your buyers to order multiple products with a single click without the need to navigate through numerous pages on your website. Simplify the purchasing process and improve customer experience by enabling efficient ordering with the Quick Order Form feature in B2BWoo.

Offer Your Bulk Buyers a Quick Order Form for
Fast and Efficient Buying

The Quick Order module in B2BWoo allows you to add a user-friendly bulk order form on your website. With this feature, users can quickly search for desired products, enter the required quantity, and proceed to checkout seamlessly. With a Quick Order form, bulk buyers don’t need to browse through bulky catalogues and switch through multiple pages to place an order. They can place it from a single page — all with a single click.

Powerful Search

The simple search bar enables users to easily search for products they require without any friction. They can search using product names, titles, or SKUs. The result displays thumbnails and displays product variations, so the user can effortlessly find what they need and place their order without any obstacles.

Hide Product Categories

Allows the store admin to hide certain products they don’t want to display in the search results of the Quick Order form.

Create Multiple Quick Order Forms

Generate multiple unique bulk order forms that can be embedded on different pages.

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