Elevate Your Wholesale Experience with Our Dynamic RFQ Features

In the complex world of B2B sales, standard retail conventions often don't cut it. Enter B2BWoo's Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality—an essential feature designed to transform your online store into a high-performing, wholesale-centric business platform.

Add Request for Quote Functionality to Product Pages

Stop settling for generic price tags. Our RFQ feature allows you to offer custom pricing for wholesale orders, directly from the product page.

Streamlined Quotation Workflow

Initiate Conversations: Activate this feature to empower your customers to request custom quotes.

Negotiate Seamlessly: Customers can inquire about pricing, request revisions, and finalize deals—all in a fluid, user-friendly interface. ​

Dedicated Quotation Module on the Admin Panel

Gain complete control over your quotations with a centralized admin panel, designed for efficiency.

Unified Hub: Access and manage all quotation requests in one place.

Quick Actions: Review, approve, or deny quotes with just a few clicks.

Quotation Section on Customer’s Account Dashboard

Offer your customers unparalleled visibility into their quotes with a dedicated section in their account dashboard.

Review and Act: Customers can review, accept, reject, or request revisions on their quotes.

Stay Informed: Automatic email notifications keep both parties updated throughout the quotation process.


Global or Product-Specific RFQ Activation

Take complete control over how and where the Request for Quote (RFQ) button appears on your store. Whether you want to activate RFQ for your entire catalog or zero in on specific products or categories, we’ve got you covered.

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