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Scale Into The Fastest Growing Industry

Manufacturing, distributing and wholesaling industry has entered a new era. Your customers no longer want to place orders on phone and email. They are rather demanding Amazon-like consumer experiences they have become accustomed to. Differentiate your brand by bringing on the change and meeting customer demands now.

Overcome B2B Challenges

Whether we talk about complex sales cycles or sophisticated back-end functions in a B2B business, B2BWoo is built to meet your buyer’s complex demands and deliver a frictionless experience. Here’s how B2BWoo will help your business.
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Streamline Your Processes

B2BWoo streamlines your B2B processes so you can spend more time driving your business forward than fielding orders on phone and email.

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Self Serviced Buying Experience

Empower your customers with self-service tools so they can enjoy personalized, consumer-like experiences anytime they want, from any device.

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Packed With Essential B2B Features

Optimize your daily B2B functions and simplify your complex sales cycle while delivering a first-in-class experience at checkout.

Solid Foundations.
Built to Scale.

What sets B2BWoo apart is the fact that it’s built on WooCommerce, the most robust, versatile, and scalable eCommerce platform millions of people trust.

B2BWoo leverages the power and flexibility of WooCommerce and delivers a seamless experience so you can easily board on the online bandwagon, without any hassle.

Fully Managed. Fewer Hassles.

We handle your site and everything related to it so you can focus on growing your business.

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Managed Infrastructure

Focus on your core business while we manage your infrastructure and ensure everything is running just fine.

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Performance You Can Trust

Our highly optimized infrastructure ensures that you get blazing fast speed and 99.9% uptime.

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Security You Can Rely On

Our secure servers and best practices give you proactive protection against malicious hackers and security threats.

Developed ByCodup

In business for the last 7 years, Codup has grown substantially, satisfying thousands of clients with their unique project requirements.

B2BWoo is the result of our hardcore experience with WooCommerce and the insights we have gained after a deep analysis of how the buyer’s journey works in a B2B business and the different points that cause friction.

Let’s Talk

We’re currently seeking beta testers for our managed cloud offering. Interested?