A Complete WooCommerce B2B Solution

Built for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, B2BWoo allows you to easily add wholesale to your WooCommerce store and launch your self-service, frictionless eCommerce portal quickly and affordably.

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Used by 1000+ wholesale suppliers

“Our Google Ad Success rate went up from 1% to 6%…Customers can now actually find us and purchase what they weren’t always buying on our old platform.”

Dean Coccaro VP of Operations at Zendex Tool Corp

“It was able to solve the issue we were having with our old B2B website, where our customers would often get lost. It shows promise, and we are hopeful that it will make navigating the website easier for our customers.”

Eric Walter CEO, Bodega Esquipulas

How B2BWoo Helped Grow These Wholesale


How this US-based manufacturer revamped and improved the UX of their B2B eCommerce website and increased sales.


How this European distributor of decorations and accessories merged their B2B and B2C eCommerce websites and simplified their complex processes with B2BWoo.

Why B2BWoo?


150+ Features. Powerful and robust WooCommerce B2B Solution that is built after extensive industry research.


The B2BWoo solution is API-ready and is easily extensible with action and filter hooks. Check out our API documentations to learn more.

World-Class Support

B2BWoo offers unmatched developer support. Want to customize anything? B2BWoo backs you up completely.

Packed with 150+ B2B eCommerce Features

B2BWoo lets you increase sales, acquire more customers, increase productivity and efficiencies
in business, and improve your customer experience. 

Request for Quote with built-in messaging

Quote Reviews and Approval System

Emails Triggers on Quote Status

PDF Downloadable on Product Page

Product Variation Table for Bulk Ordering


Request for Sample button on Product Page

Custom Pricing Based on Site Visitor


Custom MOQs and MOVs Based on Site Visitor

Custom Catalogs Based on Site Visitor

B2B Payment Methods like Net Terms

Wholesale Order Forms for bulk buyers

Product Tables with search and filters

One-Click Reorders for repeat bulk buyers

Hide Pricing/ Catalogs from guest visitors

Sign Up Forms with approval system

Buyer Account Management features

Allow buyers to set buying permissions for their team members

Allow buyers to share cart with their team

Credit Limit for Buyers

Add all B2B Features To Your WooCommerce Store

B2BWoo Solutions for Small-to-Medium Sized Companies

B2BWoo lets you launch your eCommerce portal – efficiently and cost-effectively.

One Solution for Both B2B and B2C Sales

This Solution is the one-stop solution for businesses seeking to manage both B2B and B2C sales operations. It streamlines processes, increases efficiency, and saves time and money by consolidating sales efforts on a single platform. With easy-to-use tools and a user-friendly interface, businesses can expand their customer base and boost revenue streams with flexibility and functionality.

B2BWoo Done-For-You

Don’t have in-house resources to handle the complexities in
eCommerce development? Let our experts handle it. Give us a
call and discuss your needs and we’ll create a WooCommerce
store for you and implement the B2BWoo solution for you – so
you’re ready to roll.

Eliminate Silos and Sync All Systems Together

Already using systems like ERP, PIM, CRM, Accounting software, or Help Desk? B2BWoo integrates seamlessly with all other software you’re using, allowing you to create a central source of truth. B2BWoo is API ready and can integrate with any system on the internet. Contact us for custom integrations.

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