Tailor-Made Pricing for Your B2B Customers

Build lasting relationships through customized-pricing solutions built for B2B transactions. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all pricing. With B2BWoo, you can design unique pricing rules tailored for different customer types, from individual buyers to specific roles within an organization. Whether it's a long-term partner or a first-time visitor, each can receive pricing suited to their specific needs and purchasing habits.

Multi-layered Pricing Structures

Customization is key. That's why B2BWoo enables you to create intricate pricing rules based not just on the customer, but also on the product categories and even the volume of items ordered. The result? A flexible, dynamic pricing model that adapts to various business scenarios.

Dynamic Discounts to Drive Engagement

Reward those who do business with you by offering custom discounts—either as fixed amounts or percentages. B2BWoo allows you to set specific conditions that trigger these discounts, ensuring that special pricing goes to the customers who truly merit it.

Volume Discounts to Fuel Business Growth

Encourage bulk purchasing and build customer loyalty with tiered volume discounts. B2BWoo enables you to set varying discount levels that kick in as customers place larger orders, incentivizing them to buy more while strengthening their relationship with your brand.

Rule Prioritization for Conflict-Free Pricing

In B2B eCommerce, complex scenarios are a given. That's why B2BWoo comes with a rule prioritization feature. Should there be conflicting pricing rules, you can easily set guidelines on which ones take precedence, ensuring a seamless and fair pricing experience for all parties involved.
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