Catalog Visibility for WooCommerce

Deliver a truly personalized experience to B2B buyers by displaying only the products they are interested in.

Create Tailored Catalogs for B2B Buyers

Catalog Visibility plugin for WooCommerce gives you fine controls over what products to show to which customers, allowing you to deliver a fully personalized and seamless buying experience.

Add Company Accounts

catalog rules visibility

user rules and customer groups

gate pricing for non-logged-in audience

assign permissions to user

cart sharing features

features that stand out

Catalog visibility Rules

Choose which products to show to which customer by creating rules for different parameters.

User Roles and Group

Create custom user roles and group and segment customers into those for creating tailored catalogs.

price gating features

Hide Price for non-logged-in users so customers will log in to take advantage of the personalized experience.

Set Priorities for Conflicing Rules

Set Priorities on rules so the plugin will execute the rule with the higher priority in case of conflicting conditions.

Easy to

The plugin is extremely easy to set up with simple and self-explanatory configurations. just set it up and let the plugin do the heavy lifting for you.

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