An All-in-One WooCommerce B2B Solution for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Wholesalers

Start selling B2B and digitalize your wholesale operations in as little as 3 weeks.

Looking to tap into the B2B market or elevate your existing wholesale operations? Designed to flawlessly integrate with WooCommerce, our comprehensive WooCommerce B2B solution streamlines your B2B eCommerce journey, allowing your business buyers to shop online with ease.

Personalized Pricing

Personalized Catalogs

Private Store

Request for Quote

Bulk Ordering

Quick Reorders

Account Management


MOQs and MOVs

Credit Limits for Companies


Request for Sample

Trusted by Fast-Growing Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Distributors

What Customers Say about B2BWoo?

“Our Google Ad Success rate went up from 1% to 6%…Customers can now actually find us and purchase what they weren’t always buying on our old platform.”

Dean Coccaro VP of Operations at Zendex Tool Corp

“It was able to solve the issue we were having with our old B2B website, where our customers would often get lost. It shows promise, and we are hopeful that it will make navigating the website easier for our customers.”

Eric Walter CEO, Bodega Esquipulas

“The company was very professional in their interactions with us from scoping to implementation. Their response time was excellent. They would quickly get back when they were issues and resolve them as promised.”

Matt Fosberry Project Manager
at Smyrna Truck

“We chose B2BWoo because it offered good value for cost and the pricing fit our budget. The team was awesome in providing solutions to everything we needed.”

Rick Castro
CEO, GDP-Promos

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Wholesale eCommerce Features

woocommerce b2b solution

Quote Management

B2BWoo integrates advanced quote technology directly into WooCommerce.

  • Includes a ‘Request For Quote’ button for each product, enabling customers to easily submit inquiries via a form.
  • Streamlines communication between buyers and sellers with automated email triggers
  • Facilitates efficient negotiation of quantities and prices through a well-organized quote management workflow

Tailored Pricing Rules

B2BWoo simplifies the intricate pricing strategies essential in wholesale businesses. It adds the following features in WooCommerce:

  • dynamic pricing and volume discounts
  • customization of prices for specific customer groups or individual clients
  • display pre-negotiated prices for customers with established terms
  • gate pricing details until the customer logs in 
woocommerce b2b company account management

Company Account Management

B2BWoo adds corporate account management features to WooCommerce with a dedicated B2B portal that’s aligned with your customers’ business practices.

  • Enables B2B buyers to self-manage their accounts and adapt to their internal hierarchies. 
  • Supports custom workflows for buying teams across various branches and offices, facilitating cart sharing, user permissions, and multi-level review and approval processes.
  • Allows buyers to also add new users and assign roles and permissions, all within WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce B2B Solution
Built for B2B eCommerce Transactions

B2BWoo lets you increase sales, acquire more customers, increase productivity and efficiencies
in business, and improve your customer experience. 

Request for Quote with built-in messaging

Quote Reviews and Approval System

Emails Triggers on Quote Status

PDF Downloadable on Product Page

Product Variation Table for Bulk Ordering


Request for Sample button on Product Page

Custom Pricing Based on Site Visitor


Custom MOQs and MOVs Based on Site Visitor

Custom Catalogs Based on Site Visitor

B2B Payment Methods like Net Terms

Wholesale Order Forms for bulk buyers

Product Tables with search and filters

One-Click Reorders for repeat bulk buyers

Hide Pricing/ Catalogs from guest visitors

Sign Up Forms with approval system

Buyer Account Management features

Allow buyers to set buying permissions for their team members

Allow buyers to share cart with their team

Credit Limit for Buyers

Why Choose B2BWoo - WooCommerce B2B Solution?

Built for Selling Wholesale and B2B Online

B2BWoo is the result of comprehensive industry research and a thorough analysis of sales processes across various B2B companies.

After closely examining competitor products and alternatives, we’ve developed a robust software solution tailored for Manufacturers and Distributors.

This platform streamlines wholesale selling through eCommerce, offering a more efficient and effective approach to digital sales.

Flexible, Extensible, and Scalable

B2BWoo is designed for seamless integration and flexibility. Our API-ready solution easily extends to meet your specific needs. Dive into our detailed API documentation to discover more about its capabilities.

Experience effortless integration with your existing software ecosystem using B2BWoo. It acts as a centralized hub for all your data, ensuring consistency and reliability.

B2BWoo’s capability to integrate with any internet-based system streamlines your operations. For tailored integration solutions, feel free to reach out to us.

Done-For-You Implementation

Your journey with B2BWoo begins with a personalized demo. Once you recognize B2BWoo as the perfect match for your business, we initiate by thoroughly understanding your specific needs and requirements.

Our team delves into your sales processes to identify the precise customizations required for your setup. For those transitioning from another platform, we provide comprehensive support in migrating your existing data.

If you’re launching a new website, our expertise extends to front-end development, ensuring not only functionality but also an aesthetically appealing design.

Expect your customized portal to be fully operational in as little as three weeks.

Open Source B2B eCommerce Solution

B2BWoo leverages the robust foundations of WordPress and WooCommerce, offering a fully open-source solution. This open-source nature ensures unparalleled flexibility, removing any barriers to customization.

Additionally, as a self-hosted platform, B2BWoo simplifies scaling. As your traffic grows, you can effortlessly upgrade your hosting plan to accommodate the increased demand.

One Solution for Both B2B and B2C/DTC Sales

B2BWoo is the ultimate solution for businesses aiming to efficiently handle both B2B and B2C sales.

It simplifies and streamlines operations, saving time and reducing costs by unifying all sales activities on a single platform.


Built on WooCommerce and WordPress

Being built on WordPress and WooCommerce, B2BWoo taps into the open-source benefits of these platforms, significantly reducing the costs involved in setting up your wholesale portal.

Moreover, as a self-hosted solution, it grants you complete control over managing costs, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient operation. 

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